Our Platforms

Beenie's Foundation is comprised of multiple units that operate cohesively to provide community support, educational services, clear career path aide and business organization for all people.

Black Ink on White Paper

Black Ink on White Paper aims to focus on political science, economics, and social rank (status) through writing. Political science instruction will aid in the understanding the structure of the government. Economic instruction will help you to understand commerce and your position as a consumer. Social rank (status) instruction will provide an individual understanding of social status and your constitutionally, protected rights as a citizen.

Beenie's Circle of Unity

The purpose of Beenie’s Circle of Unity (in collaboration with HOME non-profit organization) is to:  (1) Enhance youth, women, and men empowerment skills, (2) Develop empowerment programs  that consist of ethnic group role models who exemplify passionate behaviors for children, (3)  Facilitation of support groups for skill development towards self-mastery, (4) Provide  financial and child care assistance for underserved populations; and (5) Provide and  support collaborative opportunities in community to promote social change.Services including youth/ adult tutoring services; educational information/resources; resume /curriculum vitae development, job/college essay and application help.